Rainbow Teepee

Rainbow Teepee

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Perfect for creative play, reading tents, nursery’s, play rooms, kids rooms.

Handcrafted from cotton and finished with natural Tasmanian Oak timber poles.

Teepee has matching ribbons to tie doors opened or closed.

Our teepees are made with a 1.5 m pole so by the time the poles are angled out once set up it ends up being around 1.15m height internally and 1.35m externally to the top of the poles. The internal width on the floor is approximately 1.1m in diameter. Please note: As this is a handmade product these sizes can vary slightly. The way the teepee is set up can also alter the sizing slightly.

Includes poles and a matching carry bag for easy to fold away, store or transport. The teepee comes with poles fitted, all you'd to do is open it up and tighten the top knot. Very quick and easy!