Noah Wooden Trolley and 48 piece Block Set

Noah Wooden Trolley and 48 piece Block Set

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This wooden push trolley is a modern take on a classic toy. The trolley will spark your childs imagination and become anything they want it to be! It will also encourage them to move around and explore their environment.

- The trolley is handmade from Tasmainian oak and pine and finished with a splash of colour on the handle.

- Trolley comes with a blue and navy handle. 

- The wheels have been custom made from hardwood and feature a thin rubber tyre to gain traction and protect floors.

- The tray is large and sturdy- essential to a toddler who will be putting anything and everything in their trolley.

- Trolley will require some assembly. You will require a phillips head screwdriver. All screws are provided as well as markings to guide your handle attachment. Instructions will be included in trolley package.

Please note: This toy is NOT designed as a walker. For use by confidently walking toddlers only.

Trolley will come with 48 matching handmade blocks. Blocks will be white, grey, mint, aqua, blue and navy.